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Start Your Journey with Private Training

Experience the benefits of individualized coaching.

Private Training Sessions

Private training sessions are 60 minutes in length and include a warm up with myofascial release and dynamic mobilities as well as a post-workout stretch. Give us a call to speak with a trainer about pricing and multi-session discounts. We are happy to make modifications to our typical session layout to accommodate your needs. We also offer partner and group sessions.

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Complimentary Session and Physical Assessment

Assessments are provided to determine your starting point and create a detailed plan of action. This includes body composition measurements, the functional movement screen (FMS), postural analysis, and metabolic measurement. Any imbalances, weaknesses or asymmetries will be managed by designing a program that best fits your goals and prevents future injuries.

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Online Coaching

Online Coaching is for the self-motivated and disciplined individual with limited time, busy travel or work schedule. We offer in two options, monthly or quarterly. Both options are customized and designed for your individual needs and goals. We help create evolving solutions for your bodies limitations while structuring your program toward your goals and lifestyle.

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Utilizing the principles from Precision Nutrition we will create a customized program that works with your life to help you lose fat and gain muscles. We will create a structure in your life to facilitate a long lasting transformation and not a yo-yo type diet. Taking small manageable steps one at a time is the fastest way to getting the body you want.

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Sport specific/ pre-season camps and training (By request)- Coach Caroline has over 13 years of experience competing in and coaching track, cross country and sport-specific training. Whatever the sport, a combo of indoor strength training as well as speed, endurance and agility training will have you or your kids ready to compete.

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