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Tame the Beast & Iron Maiden Online Program

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Promoting strength and safe lifting methods across the world, Pavel Tsatsouline has created the “school of strength”, teaching low tech/high concept methods of achieving high performance and resilience for all. As a former Subject Matter Expert to the elite US military, secret service, and Navy Seals, Pavel’s training methods created a series of challenges—one of which is known as the Beast Tamer/ Iron Maiden challenge.

The three events are a strict, single arm military press, tactical pull up, and pistol squat. Men perform all three lifts with a 48kg kettlebell to become Beast Tamers. Women earn their Iron Maiden title with a 24kg kettlebell. Many strong people are able to complete one of the events. Some can do two. But the ability to accomplish all three is rare, as the three lifts favor different body types. A man or woman who has completed the challenge is one dangerous individual.

Created for intermediate and advanced lifters, this linear cycle will tackle difficult lifts from a new perspective, help build lean mass and increase neural density. As you progress through each week, you will become a stronger, more efficient lifter all while training in the safest way possible. Additionally, this program will assist with your weakest lift to ensure the most optimal testing outcome. This journey is not for the faint of heart. But on our journey to satisfy this obsession, we’ve created a program that  fuels motivation, and enhances the psychological boost from progression.

This online program will guide you through your routine with demos on the go that are adapted to you current one rep max. Don’t  settle for basic strength programs that are stale and yield little progress.


Program goal : Strength, Power, become a Beast Tamer or Iron Maiden.
Experience level : intermediate- advanced
Days per week : 5
Workout length : 60 – 90 minutes

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