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Sessions are 60 minutes long and include a dynamic warm up, myofacia release, and post-workout stretch.

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For the self-motivated and disciplined individual with limited time, busy travel or work schedule.


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An interdisciplinary approach to fitness.

No fitness goal is too far-out with Strength Nation. From athlete to professional thumb twiddler, our progressive and specific approach to training will appropriately challenge your abilities, address your weaknesses and elevate your performance. With an initial assessment, our trainers will first help you determine your starting point. Then, they will work with you to establish short and long-term goals.

Your exercise program will be methodically mapped out–helping you consistently progress toward your ultimate goal. Strength Nation uses an interdisciplinary approach to get you results.  We utilize everything from barbells, kettlebells, cables and bodyweight movements to help improve your fitness. The team has a diverse set of backgrounds that helps craft a well balanced approach to training.


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Meet your team

As instructors, athletes and competitors, we hold ourselves to the highest standards in coaching by employing the latest in methodologies from USAW, Strong First, and Functional Movement System (FMS) and more.

Julio Morales

Strength Nation Trainer

Julio Morales is an ISSA certified personal trainer with an A.S. from MDC. He was a former Fire fighter Paramedic, and has worked at Equinox for 3 years as a trainer and group fitness instructor before starting Strength Nation Miami in 2016. During this time, and through extensive continuing education courses, he has learned skills to help clients with physical and mental strength, general conditioning, and injury rehabilitation. Certifications include: ISSA, StrongFirst Kettlebell Instructor level 1 & 2, USAW, VIPR, FMS and Animal Flow. Specialties include: boxing, rock climbing technique, pre/post natal exercise, kinesiology and biomechanics, all acquired to better understand and develop the skills necessary for the success of his clients. Julio also works as a group fitness instructor and is an assistant coach at Ransom Everglades for track. Julio is an avid indoor and outdoor rock climber, wakeboarder, boxer, and snowboarder.
Number: 305-801-6626

Caroline Lutzky

Strength Nation Trainer

Caroline Lutzky is an NSCA certified personal trainer with a BS in Kinesiology from the University of Southern California where she also competed in track. Since graduating in 2013 she has worked with various populations of all ages and fitness levels. It is her belief that you don't have to be an athlete to perform athletic movements and that these movements are the basis of physical fitness and wellness. Caroline worked as a personal trainer at Equinox for two years before leaving to start her own company, Filthy Strong Fitness. Aside from training, Caroline has been coaching cross country and track for the past 3 years at her alma mater, Ransom Everglades. For her own workouts, she likes to mix strength training, sprinting and rock climbing.
Number: 305-588-7423

Eli Goodman

Strength Nation Trainer

Eli Goodman graduated from University of Florida with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and has been working in fitness since 2008. He worked for Equinox for six years as a trainer and also taught their in-house trainer education program. Throughout the years Eli has cultivated a unique skill set that has evolved in scope and focus, beginning with a strong exercise science background to his current obsession with movement culture and handstands. Eli is a student of Ido Portal who professes an interdisciplinary approach incorporating weight lifting, gymnastics, hand balance, dance, and martial arts. Certifications: USAW, Kettlebells, Functional Movement Systems, TRX, pre/post natal, Poliquin International Certification Program, Precision Nutrition, WSI, NCSF – CPT. Specialties include: Injury prevention, fat loss, mobility, strength training, pre/post natal, handstands, gymnastic rings, fitness for triathletes.
Number: 305-992-0797
What Clients Are Saying

For the past 20 years, I've dealt with and tried to ignore the pain and discomfort from a herniated Lumbar 4 and 5, which at some point turned into sciatica. Our journey started January 2015, and as of October 2016 I've lost 43 total pounds, 25 pounds of fat, and am down %8 body fat. But most importantly, the pain and discomfort have been non-existent. I’ve been fortunate enough to sprint again, and learn new exercises I would have never thought were physically possible. I am beyond grateful, this is definitely something everyone should experience.

Joseph Z.Strength Nation Miami Client

I, like most people, assumed if I put the time in I will achieve the goals I desired. But struggling with consistency, work schedule and a lack of experience in these matters, I didn’t really know how to begin or even maintain this intent. The discomfort i had lived with in my lower back didn’t exactly help with my goals as well. In Working with Julio and Eli these past 3 years, I no longer have to tolerate such discomfort, Ive attained a great general sense of awareness.

Richard H.Strength Nation Client

I have been training with Eli Goodman for over 7 years and it has changed my life. Eli has tremendous knowledge of physiology and movement and the muscle systems. He uses this knowledge to provide a custom, targeted training program that gets results. His winning attitude and sunny disposition complement his knowledge to produce a one of a kind experience for his clients. I highly recommend Eli for friends and family.

Philip C.Strength Nation Client

When Julio and I first met, I had set this goal that I wanted to look hot in a bikini. Being born with asthma and acute bronchitis didn’t exactly aid in this plan. My overall challenge became breathing during workouts. Since then I have been off my inhaler completely, I have more energy through my day and I look and feel amazing.

Massandra G.Strength Nation Client

Complimentary Session and Physical Assessment

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