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You want to get in shape get fit but are not sure where to start?  Perfect, it’s a problem many people have.  I am going to offer a slightly different prescription than the typical workout guide.  First, you must understand that “fit” and “shape” are vagaries and don’t mean anything. Actually, I believe that they mean different things to different people.  To some people it means to put on muscle, others it means to lose fat, and others it means to run long distances. Rather than chase these vague notions, we should ask ourselves a different question that will yield better answers.  Do not ask “how to get into shape”, instead ask yourself, “what do I enjoy doing?” This is the most important questions to ask and it will provide you with direction, passion, and reward.  There will be some of you that believe they don’t like any physical activities.  I’d counter with you have not found what stimulates you. Think of an activity that you felt good doing, felt good after doing or were fascinated with.

Training for a purpose

Our life satisfaction,  job satisfaction, and motivation to exercise all rely on being connected with their purpose.  Without a context, our motivation will be short-lived.  It’s easy to wake up early to exercise for one week, it is a whole other obstacle to sustain that commitment.  The reason you wake up should arouse the fire within or this will be a short love affair.

Time to Train…

There are some basics in training that are true for all activities.  First, strength will make everything easier.  You should get strong with your trunk, upper and lower body.  Lift heavy things and also lift yourself.  Squat, bench, deadlift, and chin up are basic building blocks you can use to develop your strength. From these simple blocks, you can then explore more complex movements like clean, snatch, muscle up, and handstand pushup. Remember, strength is never a weakness. Second, you must be flexible enough for your activity and still function as a human. Some activities need more mobility like ballet and others need less like running.  As a human, you should be able to deep squat, reach overhead, hang from a bar, touch your toes, look around, flex and extend your spine.

Need help?

The specifics of your exercise routine depend on many factors including training age, medications, fitness level, and goal.  Online is great to search for information but the reality is that movement is not digital. Having help will expedite the process.  GET A COACH, NOW!  There is no substitutes cues and corrections and hands-on help will save your hours of struggle. By: Eli Goodman


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